Industry leading permanent formwork systems in New Zealand

When utilising afs logicwall® or afs rediwall® for your building project, you stand to benefit from a complete package that takes care of everything from architectural, engineering and builder consultation, to the manufacturing process, through to the timely delivery and installation of product on your site. 

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Professional services

As New Zealand’s leading permanent formwork company, AFS offers the developer, consultants, and builder a complete service that helps to enhance the efficiency provided by afs logicwall® and afs rediwall®.

When choosing AFS for your construction project, you can be assured that you are gaining expert advice on your project from our team and the peace of mind of having specially-trained AFS installers.

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Structure comparisons

 Could your structures be more efficient? We can show you how.

Structures are being made more efficient when afs logicwall® is specified. Engineers are choosing afs logicwall® to make substantial savings in both materials and overall structure costs for their clients. This is achieved without compromising the structural integrity of a project.

More and more professionals are looking to AFS rather than standard construction methods for advice on how its afs logicwall® and afs rediwall® can be incorporated into their projects.

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Quality logistics delivered

AFS removes the stress involved in getting the materials to the site, by undertaking the full supply and installation service. AFS’ Logistics network means that AFS is in complete control from the moment the client confirms the order through to the delivery of goods to site. AFS ensures through our dedicated Logistics team that we have the transport options to suit your project and any size delivery and to make onsite unloading easy and fast.

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Logicwall Design Guide

Architects, engineers and builders find the Logicwall® Design Guide full of the technical information they need for using Logicwall® in their projects:

With chapters covering:

  • fire & acoustic certifications
  • installation
  • architectural detailing
  • applications
  • and more!

Advice and answers from experienced staff