PVC permanent formwork for below-ground and selected above ground construction applications

Basements, party walls, columns, retention tanks, retaining walls, foundation walls, service and stormwater pits. Simply install panels by hand, brace, and core-fill. Features a high quality, low maintenance finish.

Introducing the revolutionary new Ezy-FitCorner

The Ezy-Fit™ open-back corner gives unobstructed access for trouble-free installation of reinforcement bars. Certifying engineers simply remove the cap to approve placement prior to pouring concrete—that’s not possible with conventional systems.

The Ezy-Fit corner is currently available for our 110mm, 156mm and 200mm panels.

Rediwall Benefits

Above and below ground versatility

Ezy-Fit corner panels slide open for access

Speedy-Snap-In panels lock together instantly

Water resistant

Significant Waste Reduction

Speed of Construction

Rediwall Demo

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The PVC permanent formwork system for below-ground and some above-ground applications.



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Rediwall Accessories

01 Curve Panel
Integrating seamlessly into the RW200 interlocking panel system allowing for total wall design flexibility. Easy to install, panels have a minimum curve radius of 0.5-metres, come in a 15-degree segment panels , are available in heights of 3m and 3.6m, and are finished in the standard rediwall® colour.
02 Vertical Bar Locator (VBL)

The afs rediwall® Vertical Bar Locator (VBL) allows for a more streamlined installation process, making the insertion of reinforcement bars quicker, easier and more efficient, with more accurate concrete coverage.

03 Ezy-Fit™ Corners
A three-piece PVC panel that forms a corner between walls meeting at 90 degrees. Designed to allow for removal of the outside 90-degree corner cap for easy placement and inspection of internal reinforcement. Cap is refitted for concrete filling. Adjoining panels are fitted using the male to female clip-in system. *Available for 110mm, 156mm and 200mm.
04 Female/Female Joiners
Female-to-female joiners are used for joining two male ends, particularly useful at a 90-degree corner. It is recommended to use one female/female joiner panel for each 90-degree corner.
05 Female/Female Panel
An extruded PVC panel used to adjust the length of a wall. Adjoining panels are fitted using the male to female clip-in system. Used primarily close to the end of a wall. The female/female panel has two internal webs with kidney shaped holes for single, or double reo bar placement which can be easily changed by inverting the panel. Ideal for blade columns.
06 H-Joiners
H-Joiners are slide together PVC extruded panels primarily used horizontally on external walls. They are laid along the straightened top of panels to act as a bottom track for the next level of panels to be installed. H-Joiners can also be used vertically as a wall make-up piece and can be slid into a gap in the wall of 50mm or less and screw fixed to adjoining panels.
07 J-Track
A slide together PVC extruded panel primarily used horizontally on external walls where an edge-form slab is to be formed. It is laid along the straightened top of the panels to act as a bottom track for the next level of panels and to assist with the edge-form preparation.
08 T-Joiners
A PVC extruded panel that is fixed vertically to the face of a through wall to start a T-Wall, where the T-Wall is close to 90 degrees. T-Joiners have holes in the face to assist alignment when drilling the through wall for reo bar placement. Adjoining panels are fitted using the male to female clip-in system.
09 Floor Track
The PVC floor track and floor angles are used to set the bottom line of the wall. Laid flat, the floor track has large holes to accommodate for starter bars. The sides are used for both locating and screw fixing to the bottom of panels.
10 End Caps
PVC end caps or fibre cement strips are used for capping off wall ends and openings. A PVC slide on connection with a 30mm side for fixing with screws or glue is able to be installed before or after the wall is filled, they must be propped when filling, if a flat end is required.

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