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Innovators in lightweight building materials

Construction industry professionals – from architects to developers, builders and engineers – are always on the lookout for ways to improve efficiency, both financially and in terms of construction time.

For over a decade, afs logicwall® and afs rediwall® have contributed to the swift construction of apartments, offices, warehouses and more.

With the smartest lightweight building material solution on the market, AFS are not content to just rely on a core product range of logicwall® and rediwall® as part of their success.

With ongoing research, development and a keen eye on the ever-changing demands of the construction industry, AFS are always working on ways to further explore time and money-saving opportunities for contractors. Utilising cutting-edge technologies, AFS are constantly researching new opportunities for innovation for load-bearing, hand-erected walls.

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Randal Beatson


Josh Hamilton

General Manager

Kelly Beatson


Garth Ivory

Production and Logistics

Shaun Fahey

Project Manager

Ricardo Beatson


Jasmine Beatson

Contracts Administration

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