Quality logistics delivered

AFS bring the best of cutting edge lightweight permanent formwork walling panel technology to construction projects right across New Zealand. As a developer, architect, engineer or building contractor, having access to smart materials that make the construction process an efficient one is essential.

But the process doesn’t end with sourcing the materials. For a project manager, often the biggest headache is the logistics of getting the materials to the site. Often you’re essentially the middle man between building contractor, manufacturer and transport company, coordinating all three so the delivery of materials doesn’t negatively affect the construction deadline. AFS remove the stress involved in this coordination activity, by undertaking the full supply and installation service.

From signature to arrival – AFS all the way

When utilising afs logicwall® or afs rediwall® for your building project, you stand to benefit from a one stop shop that takes care of everything from architectural, engineering and builder consultation, to the manufacturing process, through to the timely delivery and installation of product on your site.

AFS’ Logistics network means that AFS is in complete control from the moment the client confirms the order through to the delivery of goods to site.

AFS ensures through our dedicated Logistics team that we have the transport options to suit your project and any size delivery and to make onsite unloading easy and fast.

Ask about AFS transport solutions

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