What walling systems does AFS manufacture?

AFS, through its logicwall® and rediwall® products, is the only company able to provide an above and below ground permanent formwork walling solution.

What conventional walling systems can AFS replace?

Concrete block walls, insitu reinforced concrete walls, precast tilt slab walls, brick walls.

Does AFS provide technical support?

AFS provides extensive technical support to your team of Engineers, Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Draftspeople and Estimators along with the availability of detailed technical manuals and design guides.

What is afs rediwall®?

AFS Rediwall® is a polymer-based permanent formwork system for concrete walls. The extruded components slide and interconnect together to create a concrete formwork, erected with maximum efficiency and achieves an attractive, low-maintenance wall surface.

What are the main applications for the afs rediwall® system?

  • Basements
  • Columns
  • Party walls
  • Retaining walls
  • Retention tanks
  • Landscaping walls, dwarf walls and planter boxes
  • Foundation walls
  • Service and stormwater pits

What are the main benefits associated with the afs rediwall® system?

  • Speed of construction
  • Ease of installation and materials handling – lightweight
  • Large kidney shaped hole for double reinforcement placement and increased concrete flow
  • High quality semi-gloss, low maintenance finish
  • Water resistant

How are afs rediwall® walls finished?

AFS Rediwall® offers a semi-gloss high quality low maintenance finish which requires no further finishing for below ground applications.

What is afs logicwall®?

AFS Logicwall® is a permanent formwork system for concrete walling applicable for external and internal applications. It consists of lightweight sandwich panels created by bonding hard-wearing fibre cement sheets to galvanised steel stud frames.

What are the main applications for the afs logicwall® system?

  • Façade walls
  • Blade walls
  • Party walls
  • Corridor walls
  • Boundary walls
  • Balustrades
  • Lift and stair walls

What are the main benefits associated with the afs logicwall® system?

  • Speed of construction
  • Materials handling and resulting cost efficiencies
  • Panels are custom made for each project reducing on-site waste
  • System is load bearing
  • Offers a consistent high quality finish
  • Offers ease of design and specification

How are afs logicwall® internal walls finished?

For internal wall finishing, afs logicwall® can be:

  • Joint set only
  • Joint set and skim coated
  • Lined with plasterboard.

However, such is the quality of finish of afs logicwall® we recommend that it is simply joint set and skim coated. Walls are then ready for applied finishes.

How are afs logicwall® external walls finished?

AFS strongly recommend the application of an acrylic render system to external walls. This assists the concealment of joints and surface imperfections which may be visible with glancing light conditions.

How many years warranty are extended under the terms of the afs logicwall® and afs rediwall® product warranties and what does each warranty cover?

Please contact AFS directly for further information on product warranties.

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