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AFS Rediwall® brochure

Rediwall® is a PVC permanent formwork system and a time-saving answer to conventional concrete and masonry. Its precision-extruded components slide easily into place, automatically interconnecting for rapid assembly.

Date Added: 09/09/2019
AFS Engineers Brochure cover image

Engineering Brochure

AFS Logicwall® and afs rediwall® — creating highly efficient structures. Walling solutions for basements to penthouses. Over 2,000,000m2 installed in 1,500+ multi-residential projects.

Date Added: 01/12/2016

Introduction to afs logicwall® & afs rediwall® brochure

Logicwall® and rediwall® permanent formwork walling systems for basements, penthouses and everything in between… helping make multi-res go up quicker – much quicker.

Date Added: 10/06/2016
REDIWALL Better Than Blockwork
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AFS Rediwall® Better than blockwork

10 ways rediwall® beats blockwork. Using rediwall® 150mm walls equals more floor space, less concrete.

Date Added: 07/01/2016
REDIWALL 150 & 200mm Profile
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AFS Rediwall® 150mm & 200mm profiles

Basements, party walls, columns, retaining walls, retention tanks… rediwall® is the PVC-formwork that makes light work of demanding jobs.

Date Added: 07/12/2015